Looking for Air Charter Flight Operator Aerotuy Linea Turistica? View Full Address, Phone Number, Available Private Jets Aircrafts and Base Airport. Aerotuy Linea Turistica in Caracas Venezuela Offers Charter Flight Rental at Reasonable Hourly Rate Quotes & Prices.

Air Charter Operator Aerotuy Linea Turistica

Corporate Name: Aerotuy Linea Turistica Lta, C.a.
Address: Boulevard De Sabana Grande, Edificio Gran Sabana, #174 Piso 5
City: Caracas
Postal Code: 2993
Country: Venezuela
Region: South America
Air Charter
People ask how much does is cost to rent a charter jet or aircraft? Aerotuy Linea Turistica charter flight hourly rate quotes vary depending on the aircraft size. Light Jet, medium size jet and heavier luxury private jets have a major hourly rate difference due to the original cost of the aircrafts and their fuel consumptions.

Aerotuy Linea Turistica air charter operator calculates your trip cost using many variables. Aerotuy Linea Turistica, Caracas calculation includes the originating airport take off and taxiing fees, destination airport landing fees, fuel surcharges and airport passenger fees among a few other charges.

Additionally, and upon request, Aerotuy Linea Turistica air charter operator may charge you for all additional crew on board to make your on board flight service more enjoyable.

The most important variable in cost calculation is whether your charter flight is one way or round trip in addition to overnight stays. In case your flight is round trip including overnight stays, Aerotuy Linea Turistica would have to charge you for overnight stays when the aircraft is on the ground in addition to the crew hotel accommodations.

In case of a one way, the aircraft trip back with no passengers aboard is commonly called an "Empty Leg".

Therefore, and since the aircraft has to fly back to its home base airport, Aerotuy Linea Turistica would try to rent or sell the empty leg at a much cheaper hourly rate than the standard rate.

Hence, when people ask what is a charter "empty leg" flight? The answer is an empty leg is a charter flight that was originally sold as a one way flight and the aircraft has to fly back to its home base airport without passengers aboard.

The other question is how much is an air charter empty leg hourly rate? The answer is an empty leg hourly rate is usually about 75% of the standard rate.
In view of the above, it is advisable to ask and discuss with Aerotuy Linea Turistica "Empty Leg" availabilities for your trip, which may save you a substantial amount of money.

In addition to empty leg big savings, renting a private jet aircraft with Aerotuy Linea Turistica is another choice especially if you usually fly Business or First Class on commercial airlines.
In fact, for a group of 4 or more passengers, Aerotuy Linea Turistica air charter quote may prove to be cheaper than flying Business or First class on a commercial airline.

Aerotuy Linea Turistica air charter operator currently has Private Jet Aircrafts at the following Airports:

Caracas Francisco Miranda Airport in Venezuela

Private Jet Aircrafts Names & Specifications

Seats: 10 to 15 Passengers
Cruise Speed: 156 Nautical Miles per Hour
Maximum Range: 780 Miles
Min Runway Length: 2240 Feet
Cabin Length: 12.8 Feet
Cabin Width: 5.3 Feet
Cabin Height: 4.5 Feet
Cabin Width: 5.3 Feet
Exterior Luggage Capacity: 0 Cubic Feet
Intertior Luggage Capacity: 33 Cubic Feet
MMSCode: CE-208B

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